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NEW! QuaranTEEN CAMP, Grade 6-8 Join us during non-school hours for exercise, homework or tutoring time, structured games/crafts, free-time use of Teen Center amenities, and more! Not a drop-in program, registration required and limited. All CDC recommendations for Covid-19 prevention will be followed (see CRPD's commitment to health and safety guidelines - click for info). Participants are required to have a mask worn inside facility at all times, as well as outside where at least 6' of physical distancing is not possible. Participants must bring their own snacks and drinks. (Financial assistance available - click for info


NEW! HALF PIPE SKATE LESSONS, age 12-17  Full use of the half pipe to work on skills, attempt new tricks, listen to music, and encourage each other as skaters in a safe group setting. Learn kick turns, pumping, stalls, grinds, and dropping in. Ollies, kickflips, and other technical tricks can be practiced as well. Skateboarding experience is mandatory for this class. A half pipe requires knowledge and practice of basic skateboard riding skills before attempting the skills in this class. See our other CRPD Skate offerings for beginner lessons.

9326.5201          T                      3:45-4:45pm        $48          12/1-12/22       4 wks 

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