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NEW! COVID-19: AN INTRODUCTION, Age 11-99 (Out of District patrons – please call 805-494-5156 to register for this program. PLEASE NOTE: This is an online class via the Zoom app. An internet-connected device is required, login and password will be sent after registration.) The Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly changed our lives, but perhaps we can find some solace with a little knowledge about the disease. In this 5-hour online program, Steve Yoshinaga, Ph.D. will clarify some of the information and misinformation regarding this new coronavirus in ways that everyone can understand. This journey of discovery will give you a better understanding of how the virus works and may put your mind more at ease. Day 1: Covid-19 for dummies. Day 2: SARS CoV-2, the virus behind Covid-19. Day3: Pathogenesis. Day 4: The immune system and SARS-CoV-2. Day 5: Strategies for containment.

Single Participant Class:

9062.3201            M-F            12:00-1:30pm                          $85         7/13-7/17          5 days

Family Class:

9062.3202            M-F           7:00-8:30pm                             $120      6/25-8/13           5 days

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